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Discover how to make safe and highly profitable real estate investments (from 6% to 11%) with OPISAS, in the US, starting from $60,000


OPISAS. High-Yield Real Estate Investments.

Find out how to invest today in properties that can generate annual net yields from 6% to 11%, plus their revaluation over time.

Since 2008 OPISAS has been offering to its clients the chance to buy, starting from 60.000 $, real estate properties that can generate a considerable annual revenue with the guarantee of being the sole owners, starting from day one.




Download the brochures of the locations where OPISAS are present to find out the reasons why investing in the USA today is an excellent opportunity.



Watch this video to see a typical residence in which OPISAS has purchased and sold many units.



Watch this video to understand how OPISAS can ensure fast, safe and profitable overseas real estate investments.

CLICK HERE Invest in the USA with OPISAS

Invest in the USA with OPISAS

Are you looking for a real estate investment in the United States?
OPISAS offers already renovated and rented residential properties with net yields from 6 to 11%, complete management and continuous support during the whole real estate investment.

CLICK HERE Invest in luxury properties with OPISAS

Invest in luxury properties with OPISAS

OPISAS can assist you in investing in the USA by choosing uniqueness and glamour. Properties and projects among the most exclusive and unique around the world, complete service, dedicated staff and total investment management.

CLICK HERE Invest in Vacation Homes with OPISAS

Invest in Vacation Homes with OPISAS

Choose to invest in the United States with the Vacation Homes selected by OPISAS.
Merge personal use and yield with our exclusive vacation homes, you can decide between using them or renting them for a continuous yield.

With OPISAS your real estate investments will give you an immediate high yield, right from the beginning.

This is the result of a series of factors that today only OPISAS can offer to the investors:
  • OPISAS is continuously finding and selecting the urban areas with the highest yield and with the most interesting perspectives for the future
  • OPISAS buys up several properties, restructures them, and at times even invests in the requalification of the whole neighbourhood
  • Local partners (property managers), who take care of all bureaucratic and operational matters, search for tenants for the properties
  • OPISAS and its partners only rent their properties to carefully selected tenants, according to superior American standards, in order to provide the buyer a revenue that is both immediate and continuous over time
  • Not only OPISAS offers its properties at a price up to -30% lower than the market average, but they come already rented and thus generating a revenue from day one, with values in line with average yield of comparable real estates
  • The buyer is the sole owner of the property
  • The costs of the property management company, property taxes and eventual HOA or insurance, are known and already subtracted while calculating the net yield of the investment, a value that can be found in each property description on our website
  • Given that we have recently renovated the properties, maintenance costs are minimum.
  • The regular payment of rents in the USA is assured by local laws, which enforce the eviction of insolvent tenants within a period of 34 days
  • OPISAS also offers luxury properties in America’s most sought-after tourist destinations, with the option to use them as vacation homes for a certain period and rent them in the remaining time


Where to invest today for gaining high yield?

OPISAS selects areas all over the World where the ratio between property value and rent market produces the best opportunities for investing with an immediate return. Currently, such conditions exist in a few urban areas in the USA, particularly in Florida, Baltimore, Philadelphia, North Carolina and Chicago. OPISAS is always looking for high potential areas where to invest, both in high-yield properties and luxury tourist residences.

OPISAS is always at your disposal with its team.

For more information and appointments:

Beyond immediate revenue.

The properties bought at prices below market level tend to increase their value over time. OPISAS’ clients who have kept their investments for at least 5 years before reselling it, obtained capital gains of up to +5% yearly, besides the revenues coming from the rental.

As a result of this, OPISAS won the Real Estate Award “For the determination demonstrated in developing a credible and responsible business”.

Why invest with OPISAS?

OPISAS has been active since 2008, when the sub-prime crisis created the first great opportunities for buying-up at extremely convenient prices, renovating and renting properties, and then reselling them at lower prices than today’s market average.

In a little more than 10 years, OPISAS has bought and resold more than 3.800 properties, making earn its clients more than 295 million dollars. During this period the company has been certified by the OID - Property Observatory for its purchasing process, and has signed partnerships and agreements with the related major professional associations all over the World.

If you want to know more, you can visit the different areas of our website, including the FAQs about the US property market, those about the market in the UK, and the video area.