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Who are our customers?

From the small private investor to the large structured fund, those seeking high-yield real estate investments choose OPISAS.

Why become an investor with OPISAS

We are committed on a daily basis in analyzing the US real estate market with the goal of identifying properties that offer significant appreciation potential and attractive yields. This effort is driven by our dedication to providing secure and profitable real estate investments. We understand the importance of diversification as an investment strategy, and we seamlessly incorporate it into every opportunity presented to our diverse customer profiles, which includes:

To all of them, we offer our professionalism, expertise, and our wealth of experience, including a range of related real estate services.

Why choose OPISAS?

Entrusting your investment to well-structured professionals with a solid understanding of the United States real estate market and its dynamics is crucial. OPISAS provides the assurance of working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals in every aspect of real estate investment.


Our clients become the sole owners of the purchased properties. In this way, every investor will always be in total control of his or her money, with complete transparency.


Our investors have the opportunity to access the high-yield residential real estate market in the U.S., an opportunity that was once reserved only for large investment funds.

No headaches

The professional network we have developed over the years enables us to provide our investors with comprehensive management services at all stages of investment. In this way, we eliminate the complexities associated with personal or fragmented property management.

Rely on OPISAS for your real estate investment in the USA.

Enter the world of international investors with the support and specialized advice of our experts. Request an exploratory initial contact now and discover what we can offer you.

What’s in store for you:

For additional information about the U.S. real estate investments or the residential market, or if you need assistance, please fill out the contact form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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