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Explore high-yield real estate opportunities in the United States through our top-notch solutions in Florida and other prime locations.

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Discover lucrative real estate investments in the U.S. with OPISAS

OPISAS specializes in offering high-yield investments in the United States to global clients, providing a safe and profitable venture in real estate. When investing in the U.S. real estate with OPISAS, expect a highly lucrative and cost-effective transaction. Explore our expert-curated investment properties across major U.S. cities, meticulously chosen based on factors influencing real estate value and yield.

Invest in Florida

Explore prime real estate investments in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and along Florida’s East and West Coasts.

Average annual return
Appreciation timeframe
3-5 years old

Invest in Maryland

Discover investment opportunities in Baltimore, positioned on the U.S. East Coast between Washington and New York.

Average annual return
Appreciation timeframe
7-10 years old

Invest in Michigan

Seize opportunities in high-yield properties in Detroit, a key hub in America’s Great Lakes Region.

Average annual return
Appreciation timeframe
7-10 years old

Invest in Pennsylvania

Delve into residential investments in Philadelphia, strategically located between Washington DC and New York City.

Average annual return
Appreciation timeframe
5-7 years old

Secure real estate investments in the United States: find your ideal one.

Discover various real estate investment options in the U.S. offered by OPISAS, tailored to match the dynamics and trends of the U.S.  real estate market. Watch our videos.

Invest in the U.S. housing market alongside OPISAS

Seeking a real estate investment opportunity in the United States? Explore our vast range of refurbished and tenanted residential properties in the U.S. that yield between 6 and 11%, offered with comprehensive management services and continuous, personalized support throughout the investment journey.

Explore the world of luxury real estate with OPISAS

Embark on an investment journey in luxurious real estate in the United States, exploring prestigious residences designed for opulence. From the world’s most exclusive and unique properties in the U.S., we provide comprehensive full-service support, a dedicated team, and complete management.

Invest in vacation rental properties with OPISAS

Opt for smart investments in the U.S. by choosing our handpicked vacation rental properties. Experience the perfect blend of personal enjoyment and financial returns with exclusive vacation homes. With the flexibility to use or rent these properties, you can tailor an investment that suits your needs and expectations.

OPISAS, your partner in high-yield real estate investments.

Operating since 2008, OPISAS has been a pivotal player in the U.S. real estate market, boasting an extensive track record and expertise. What sets us apart is our proactive involvement in the investments we recommend. Beyond merely identifying promising real estate prospects, we actively infuse our capital into these properties, aligning our interests with our clients.

Our service extends beyond mere property identification. We provide tailored, modular support, catering to various client needs – from basic property searches to comprehensive management solutions. This includes navigating legal intricacies, managing bureaucracy, insurance and tax advisory, and ongoing investment supervision.

The properties we select promise consistent yields and robust appreciation potential. Each property undergoes a meticulous due diligence process, ensuring flawless management of every detail. Our unwavering commitment to the opportunities we present is the hallmark of our dedication and sets us apart in the industry.

Since 2008

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Tailored services for every investor

At OPISAS, we offer a suite of personalized services, ranging from streamlined investment selection to comprehensive management. Leveraging our extensive network of professionals, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact overseeing every phase of your investment journey, ensuring continuous support throughout the entire operation.




Why choose OPISAS?

When considering where to invest, selecting the right avenue among various options found on the internet can be daunting. OPISAS offers the advantage of partnering with established professionals who possess extensive knowledge of both U.S. and international markets.

Control over your investment

Upon purchasing properties, our clients become the exclusive owners. This ensures that every investor maintains complete control and transparency over their finances at all times.

Income from U.S. real estate

Our investors gain access to the high-yield residential real estate market in the United States, a prospect that was previously available only to large investment funds.

Headache-free management

Thanks to our professional network, we provide comprehensive services throughout every phase of the investment. This approach effectively eliminates the stress associated with individual or disjointed management.

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