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Why the US real estate market is able to offer interesting opportunities even when exiting the investment

A real estate investment in the USA can bring interesting opportunities for liquidability in its exit strategy, thanks to the characteristics of the American real estate market.

Which taxes should a foreign citizen who buys real estate in the US consider?

Investing abroad is definitely an attractive perspective for many, and it is always good to be properly informed about local tax system.

Invest in the USA through an EB-5 project, the passe-partout to Green Card and your American dream.

Discover how a real estate investment in the United States can be your passe-partout for living your American dream.

OPISAS | Augmented Reality and US Real Estate Market

OPISAS is always aiming for a continuous technological innovation, because it invests in new solutions to improve customer experience when approaching international real estate investments. In this specific case, we will show you a quick glimpse of the latest augmented reality tool for real estate we are developing. Thanks to this tool, OPISAS will offer the opportunity of living a unique experience to those who wish to immerse – quite literally – in the US real estate market. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest OPISAS news.

Why I Invest Here | Detroit

Why invest in Detroit? Christian Calusa, OPISAS CEO & Founder, answers such question by highlighting the potential and new trends of one of the most promising and profitable real estate markets in the USA.

Fayetteville: 5 good reasons to invest in North Carolina’s Real Estate

Being the main city of Cumberland County, Fayetteville is a one-of-a-kind city. Hosting within its borders two of the largest military bases in the world, Fayetteville is a city with an economy that is rapidly expanding and which is experiencing continuous demographic growth. Let’s discover together why Fayetteville is an excellent option to invest in Real Estate and what are the latest data on the future of the city

Orlando: 5 things you don’t know about the home of amusement parks.

Famous for its numerous theme parks, Disney World, and entertainment tourism, Orlando hosts over 70 million tourists from around the world every year. Let’s find out 5 curiosities related to “the beautiful city” and why it should be included in your next investment destination. Watch now the video and find out why this city is chosen by numerous investors from all over the world as a destination for their investments in Florida.

Tampa: 5 curiosities on the Queen of the Gulf of Mexico

A destination loved by tourists of all ages and from all over the world, Tampa is famous for both its entertainment and relaxation. In addition to this, the city is now expanding its offer with an eye towards the future. Let’s find out together why the multifaceted nature of this city is an excellent option for your investments in the US and in particular if you are thinking of purchasing a buy to let house in America.

Safe investments | Why investing in overseas Real Estate for the future of our children

In our last blog article we saw the 3 main reasons why investing in overseas Real Estate is a good strategy for the future of our children: 1️. Planning the Exit Strategy 2️. Limited exposure to financial cycles 3️. Transparency, certainty, simplicity in investment management As with all the topics discussed in this blog, the advice is always to contact a professional in the field of safe investments in overseas Real Estate, able to support the individual investor and provide him with an overview of the various investment options

Invest in real estate | Why OPISAS

If you want to invest in real estate, find out who can provide you high yields, the assistance you are looking for and a 360 ° service investing from home, delegating the management.

Investing during a geopolitical crisis

What are the “geopolitical crisis-proof investments”? What can we learn about the features of an investment from the Russian-Ukrainian crisis? Find it out in our blog.

Where to invest in 2022?

As a new year starts, the question that many ask is: “Where is it best to invest this year?” In the new article of our blog we analyse: investments in real economy, investments in financial markets and real estate investments. Which will be the best investment of 2022? Find it out in this video and in our blog.

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