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News from the USA: 3 great reasons why you should invest

11. March, 2021


Let's analyze the situation against the latest available data and see why this period represents an important time horizon for making a good investment.

When evaluating an investment overseas, It’s essential to be informed about the latest economic trends and when it comes to investing in US real estate, this good practice takes on a particularly relevant value. The good investor must in fact take into account some key elements linked to the dynamism of the US system that make it unique.

In order to invest in US real estate at its best, the good investor analysis must consider various particularities of the US action, from government and local politics, to the same choices that the average individual American makes on a daily basis.

In this article we will analyze in 3 points the opportunities that are presented to investors these days, based on recent news from overseas.

From the analysis of the available data, we can say that various favorable conditions are materializing which must be carefully evaluated by those who are thinking of investing in US real estate for the first time, or by those who already own an investment portfolio and want to increase their income, or simply to diversify it.

In the past, we at OPISAS had already addressed the social and economic impact of the various crises experienced by the United States in past years in an article on our blog. From the analyzes carried out, what has emerged over the years is a significant ability, now typical of the United States of America: that of being able to recover from crises almost explosively and transform difficulties into new possibilities with noteworthy speed. It is thanks to this ability, as well as to the transparency of the processes, that many investors decide to invest in US real estate.

The typical American dynamism does not leave us surprised: in the past we had analyzed this rebound capacity by talking about the "renaissance of Detroit”, a city that in 2013 had declared bankruptcy and which today, instead, is home to important companies belonging to the Fortune500 and Fortune1000 list.

The example of Detroit shows the great resilience, which is all American: at the beginning of the second decade, many Detroit streets were, for example, totally out of lighting.

Already in 2014, the year following the crisis, the city emerged from default and thanks to a careful redevelopment program, in just one year it became the first American metropolis for public LED lighting and urban renovation works were undertaken which still today aim to make the city a destination of great interest, both for large companies and for the individual investor interested in investing in US real estate.

Walking through the streets of Detroit today, the impression one gets is completely different: the modernized financial center and the completely redeveloped residential areas make the real estate market increasingly attractive.

Needless to say, these measures have generated a lot of interest in those wishing to invest in US real estate and we at OPISAS, as well, have already decided for some years already to invest in the revitalization of this city.

Investors who now allocate their capital to the Detroit residential market can enjoy very attractive net rental income, sometimes up to 10% net per year. In addition to excellent prospects for capital gains in the medium to long term, given the still affordable price of the properties.

So, as an example, let us see how to follow those who invest in Detroit today, and let's analyze what are the 3 factors why we should invest in US real estate:

1) Vaccinations

President Joe Biden made it clear from the beginning of his mandate: vaccinations are the top priority. Sure, the whole world believed in it, but he certainly did not expect that over 90 million Americans had already received at least the first dose of the vaccine as of today.

If it seems to you that all of this is already sufficient in itself, well, sit down comfortably because there is more; In a speech given last March 2 at the White House, the President gave a very precise time frame: very soon, the United States will have so many doses at its disposal that it will be able to vaccinate all adult American population by the end of May.

All these data have certainly had a significant impact on international markets and in general on those who are considering investing in US real estate. If this wish becomes reality, as we likely believe, this will trigger a domino effect that will further strengthen the US's global presence. Furthermore, by exiting the pandemic earlier, the United States will be the first to restart their machine and return to normal. It should be considered that, to date, 25% of the population has already received the vaccine and the rate exceeds 2 million people a day. The concrete actions towards exiting the restrictions have also already been applied in states such as Texas (where there is no longer a mask requirement) and in California, where reopening is spreading very rapidly to various counties. Also noteworthy is the scheduled reopening of cinemas and theaters in New York, a positive sign for the entertainment industry.

2) Stimulus plan

In addition to addressing the issue related to Covid19, the Biden administration has also clarified who will be the main recipient of the political and economic maneuvers implemented since the beginning of the mandate: the average American citizen.

Following the dictates of the New Deal-style economic, Biden aims to directly help citizens with actions that follow different guidelines, from combating unemployment to direct wage increases. In fact, aid is expected to reach three quarters of the American population. The tone of voice used expresses attention to the needs and growing difficulties experienced by the middle class, defined by Biden himself as "the backbone of democracy". From the latest available news, the stimulus plan provides aid for 1900 billion dollars, disbursed according to this policy. There is talk of $ 1,400 per person up to the threshold of $ 75,000 per year: it is the third government check since the beginning of the pandemic. The former had pocketed nearly all American citizens $ 1,200, plus another $ 600 last December.

If you think about investing in US real estate, it must be taken into account that economic aid to the individual American will have a direct impact on the regularity of rent payments. The house is still the primary asset par excellence.

Incisive also the maneuvers on unemployment which, data in hand, led to a closure of the month of February with +379,000 newly employed Americans. This is a great sign of confidence in the recovery and the fact that 355,000 jobs are in the leisure and hospitality sector suggests that US entrepreneurs are concretely preparing to re-embrace a normal situation in a short time.

3) Trend of the Dollar

As we know, with concrete statements and actions of this type, made directly by the President of the United States, these days all the markets have their ears pricked and show particular sensitivity. It cannot be ruled out that the dollar may re-appreciate against the other major world currencies in the coming months.

In conclusion, let's see concretely how the US residential market is behaving, in particular in Florida (the first market for real estate investments made by foreigners) and what the latest data say to those who are thinking of investing in US real estate.

The latest statistics from FloridaRealtors® have compared January 2020 with January 2021 and what has emerged is an 18% increase in sales concluded compared to last year. According to these data, it seems that to sell a property it takes on average 19 days less than last year (- 21.6%) and this is also due to the lower availability of properties in inventory. The "rush to homes" is also caused by the fact that the availability of properties for sale (Active Listings) has halved and, if the numbers follow these rhythms, the current inventory could be zero in just over a month and a half.

The most recent data therefore lead us to believe that investing in the US residential market can be an excellent real estate investment overseas.

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