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PlatonCoin makes its debut, OPISAS is one of its international business partners

PlatonCoin makes its debut, OPISAS is one of its international business partners

12 December, 2018

PlatonCoin, the first cryptocurrency to offer digital wallets insured up to 500.000 $, has just made its official debut on LAToken, the cutting edge exchange for blockchain, and will be possible to use it in order to purchase other cryptocurrencies and subsequently fiat.

OPISAS is a business partner of Platon Coin, together with Lloyd Syndicate and Symantec, and has chosen to be at the forefront for providing its investors the most efficient, safe and quick service possible.

Such decision has been remarked during PlatonCoin’s pre-launch conference, held at Prague on the 28th November, attended by partners from all over the World, from the UK to India, along with OPISAS, an event which has been subject to a mighty coverage from the international press.

Thus, a potential client who wishes to buy a real estate property from OPISAS will soon be able to fill in part of the contracts in blockchain, so that signing and the activation will result in an immediate and binding process, given that the payment of the admin fee is linked to the reservation form. The first part of the purchase agreement for our properties will initially be available via blockchain for the members of the Platon Finance Club.

A blockchain forms system offer the advantage of guaranteeing transparency and immediacy, and it has currently taken under evaluation by more and more high profile institutions and organizations, such as the US Health Service.

OPISAS’ Team is determined to offer the best service possible, and pioneering the implementation of cutting edge technologies for such purpose is a hallmark we are proud of.


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