Thank you, Stockholm !

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Thank you, Stockholm !

At the end of the two-day “Köpa Hus Utomlands” event, Opisas can be considered doubly satisfied by its trip to Sweden: on the one hand it was pleasant to deal with a different culture, while on the other it was possible to profitably interact with various potential customers, as well as with key members of the Swedish and European housing market, laying solid foundations for the future construction of shared business.

During the fair, the number of visitors was estimated around 6,500 people, who were able to visit more than 70 booths coming from all over Europe.

Connecting to the abroad property investments, the core business of Opisas, the estimate made by Fair Media is an important fact: more than 250,000 Scandinavians will purchase a second home abroad in the coming years. Additional analysis reported by the same source confirm this trend: according to a Kairos Future AB’s study, about 312,000 people older than 60 years will buy a property in a country with a more friendly weather; it represents 26% of the over-60 Swedish population, that stands at 1,200,000.

Opisas would like to thank once again Gildo Ercoli’s A&G Real Estate, thanks to which was possible to attend the event.

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