OPISAS and CSBR, Cámara Salvadoreña de Bienes Raíces, Together for International Expansion

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OPISAS and CSBR, Cámara Salvadoreña de Bienes Raíces, Together for International Expansion

It is a great honor to announce the signing of this new alliance in El Salvador.

OPISAS becomes a partner and thus joins the network of CSBR (Cámara Salvadoreña de Bienes Raíces).

Who is CSBR (Cámara Salvadoreña de Bienes Raíces)?

CSBR, is a Non-Profit Association. It was born as the first guild in the real estate industry in the country of El Salvador with the aim of bringing together and strengthening the good working relationships of all professionals dedicated to real estate brokerage services.

Currently, it represents the formal sector of real estate advisory professionals in the country with nearly 40 years of history, working since its inception on constant training, professionalization, and work ethics among its affiliates. It is the most solid institution and the guild voice of Real Estate in El Salvador with national and international alliances.

The alliance between the Salvadoran Chamber of Real Estate and OPISAS was signed with the goal of achieving international expansion and access to the Salvadoran market, in order to identify and satisfy an audience of investors who wish to diversify their real estate investments in the United States. Another objective that motivated us to carry out this alliance was to promote the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of best practices in the real estate sector of the United States to Salvadoran real estate agents.

Thanks to this alliance, CSBR will benefit from a series of webinars, workshops, and training events that will discuss investment properties and MLS listings in the United States, which will be conducted both in person and virtually, in order to enrich the skills and professional development of the members of the association in areas such as property management, real estate financing, marketing, and emerging technologies. Additionally, services like accounting and legal services in the United States, mortgage and financing search services, and immigration consulting services will be provided. With these benefits, we aim to establish a constant flow of shared information and resources that benefit both parties.

We look forward to sharing with CSBR the experience we have built over these 15 years, accompanying foreign investors in expanding their investment portfolios with properties that provide high returns and appreciation over time in the United States.

Stay tuned for upcoming alliances!