Invest in real estate | Why OPISAS

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Invest in real estate | Why OPISAS

Invest in Real Estate with OPISAS

A 360° service for those who want to invest in high-yield properties

One of the reasons why OPISAS has become the benchmark for investors interested in purchasing properties that guarantee immediate high profitability, is certainly the completeness of its services, as well as the revaluation of the property over time.

Opisas considers every customer to be more than just a client, being instead a partner. Each of them can rely on the support of high-level professionals who, thanks to their advanced knowledge of the market, taxation and U.S. legislation, can assist our partners from investment planning operations to remote purchasing, from delegated management to exit strategy outlining. Thereby, investors from all over the world can evaluate, select, carry out, monitor and liquidate their real estate investments, without even moving from their homes. 

Investment planning

Once the investor's needs are understood, including the value of the investment and the desired rate of return, OPISAS consultants focus on electing properties aligned with the stated parameters, applying their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. market. Moreover, for the most demanding investors, they can create real estate investment portfolios, diversifying properties by location and type. 

At this stage, external professionals who have been working with OPISAS for years can also advise you on tax and fiscal optimization, as well as on the incorporation of a U.S. company. 

Remote purchase

One of the most appealing aspects for international investors is the opportunity to perform all purchase- related transactions completely remotely. This is a surprising aspect for most people. In fact, the purchase process of a property usually follows a specific path which involves meeting in person with selling parties and notaries. With OPISAS, on the other hand, everything can be done remotely from your home, with complete safety and transparency.

Delegated management

Particularly appreciated by international investors are the activities delegated to and, therefore, conducted by the local property managers, partners of OPISAS. Said activities are the management of the property, the tenant screening (bearing in mind that sold properties are usually already rented to carefully selected tenants, based on their solvency, references and credit score), the payment of utilities charged to the owner, any technical interventions, the control of the state of the property and rent collection.

Insofar, by acting on behalf of the property’s owner, the property manager relieves him from any operational commitment. Thus, the owner can confine itself to reading the reports of the property management company and receiving the rents.

Besides property managers, OPISAS also advises U.S. tax consultants who prepare the annual tax returns in line with the U.S. tax system, using the bank statement and reports from the property management company. 

Exit strategy optimization

OPISAS also supports investors in the liquidation of their real estate investments. Resale in the housing market of States such as Florida or North Carolina and cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and Philadelphia is much faster than in other parts of the world, for example Europe and South America (35,5 days during the last spring selling season).

Property management, legal aspects and tax support: OPISAS consultants and professionals advised by the leader in high yield real estate investments, offer the investor all the assistance he needs.

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If you want to invest in the USA with OPISAS, you can write an email to and schedule a meeting with a consultant, an expert in the American real estate market.