Philadelphia: en el medio de un verdadero boom inmobiliario!

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Philadelphia: en el medio de un verdadero boom inmobiliario!

Philadelphia is currently experiencing real estate market conditions that are particularly conducive to healthy levels of growth and activity. Many of a number of citywide neighbourhoods seeing home values steadily rising, in the third quarter of 2015, some seeing significant increases of 5.2%, a growth figure that is comparative with other U.S. areas entire annual growth rate. 

The economy has wholeheartedly bounced back since the Great Recession of 2008, so too, has the housing market, both Buyers and Sellers are taking full advantage of these market conditions securing new properties across the city in all locations.    

Despite a relative boom in high and mid-end properties, supply is still very limited. Compared to 2012, the average number of days that properties are on the market is down in nearly every ZIP code, while median house prices of properties sold in favoured neighbourhoods are up by a staggering 45%. Along with favourable appreciation in home prices Philadelphia is also seeing median rental values increasing.

Working with a trusted real estate partner that can offer fully renovated off-market properties in the right locations, ideal as buy-to-let portfolio additions, is a necessity in order to take full advantage of Philadelphia's upwardly trending real estate sector. OPISAS offers properties across Philadelphia that generate high annual rental yields and high prospects of long-term capital gain possibilities.

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