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The trend of the US real estate market is constantly growing, the informations published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the main association of american real estate professionals, just confirms this trend.

The NAR, always looking to provide accurate information on the trend of real estate market and led by a rigorous ethic code, follows federal regulations: the reliability of its data is therefore more than trustworthy. This update we are giving you is about the positive trend of the real estate market in FLORIDA, focusing on the city of ORLANDO.

Florida, universally known as the Sunshine State, is the first state in the US in terms of turism flow: one has only to consider that more than 63 milion people have traveled to Orlando during the last year.

The real estate market has seen several positive signals, first of all a growth of over 12% on the properties values since the last year: on May 2015 it was 181,000$, while on May 2016 it was 203,000$

In May 2016, furthermore, 3,333 properties has been sold: an increase of 6,93% since the last year.

Properties average value in Orlando has grown constantly and steadily in the last 58 months, so much to record an outstanding increase of 75,76% since July 2011.

This resolute increase of real estate values in Florida (particularly in Orlando) is far to be a surprise, it is instead a concrete opportunity to divesify your investments in this area. OPISAS is working actively since many years in this location and is therefore able to propose the best investment solutions both for high yields and capital gain. Click HERE to find all the opportunities available at the moment. 

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