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Inversiones inmobiliarias en Philadelphia: una nueva partnership entre OPISAS y IABCN

10. octubre, 2016

The housing market is a constant reference when it comes to investments. Various elements like the cost of land, the price to rent/buy/lease different types of real estate and number of sales are just some examples that define the scope of the housing market. In any country, this sector acts as a key indicator of the economy's performance. This is because, unlike others parts of the economic scope, it is a market that generates global finances. Today the U.S., after having great success with the post-subprime crisis recovery plan, is the main country to seize real estate opportunities. The American housing market's growth is supported by a stable economy paired with the speed and efficiency of the fiscal and legal systems.

For these reasons, a partnership between OPISAS and the Italy-American Business Council and Network (IABCN) was created to provide the highest-quality services in this field. This collaboration was founded on the professionalism, competence and market positioning of both companies. OPISAS is an international company specialized in retail, sales and mediation of housing investments abroad, with a specific focus on the U.S. and U.K. While the IABCN is a non-profit organization founded in 1991, that aims to facilitate commercial transactions between Italy and the U.S, with a focus on the Greater Philadelphia Region. This is done by providing a strong base of services and resources to individual investors and companies from both countries. Within the last few years, the Philadelphia housing market has exhibited astounding growth opportunities. So much so, that many investors are turning to the Philadelphia market, where one can buy for substantially lower costs than other locations.

The desire to form a partnership between OPISAS and IABCN was not by chance. Both companies are bound by a common goal: to present concrete investment opportunities in a healthy environment for growth accompanied by a strong international appeal. Additionally, the companies share the desire to collaborate with partners who exhibit both competence and reliability. Ultimately the project was born for this reason: “Philadelphia – Investimenti Immobiliari".

Together, each company contributes their expertise in order to eloquently provide the information needed secure an investment in a location that offers fruitful opportunities. This is paired with the security and peace of mind that comes from having the support of professional and competent figures in this field throughout the investment process.



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