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Investing in the USA with OPISAS.

High-yield property investments in Florida, Baltimore, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Chicago and other US locations.

For more information on property investments in the USA and to book an appointment, OPISAS is at your disposal with its team:
Tel: +1 (407) 607 2461   | Mail: info@opisas.com |  Skype: OPISAS.
Here are the high-yield investments currently available:

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OPISAS has selected some of the best opportunities for investing in the USA for you.

Each one of the properties found in the USA section of this website, has been selected according to extremely relevant factors, if you wish to invest in America:

  • Perspectives of area development and immediate profitability thanks to the rents

  • Housing price at which OPISAS has been able to purchase the property and renovate it

  • Property value after the renovation and the eventual requalification of the neighbourhood by OPISAS or its partners

  • Selected tenants who are already and regularly paying the rents

What are the requirements for investing in the USA?

Besides selecting, buying, renewing, renting and offering at a lesser price (up to -30%) compared to American local property market, OPISAS allows its clients to carry out all the required operations, even from their homes, without going to the USA.

Furthermore, the team offers assistance so even those who do not speak English, can:

  • Sign all the required contracts

  • Open an American company

  • Open a bank account in the USA without costs

  • Take out a property insurance, if wanted

  • Other services

Investing in the USA: the added value of property management.

The properties found in the USA section of this website are assigned to a property management company, which besides searching for and selecting the tenants, takes care of supervising every aspect, from administration to maintenance. Until you wish so, it will be this OPISAS partner – whose costs are already subtracted while calculating your net yield – to take care of everything, relieving the owner from any operational task.

Why invest in the United States.

Why invest in Florida?

Florida’s real estate market is boosted by a dynamic economy and a large number of people moving there because of the pleasant climate. The local economy is based mainly on tourism (116,5 million tourists in 2017, a new historical record for the State) and entertainment (thanks the World’s most prominent amusement parks, such as Disney World).

Why invest in Baltimore?

Baltimore’s urban area is the 4th largest in the USA, in terms of workforce attraction. The household average income is quite high (70.000 $/year, the 4th highest in the United States). Among the reasons for investing in high-yield properties in Baltimore, many tenants benefit from governmental facilitations aimed at paying rents in private buildings outside public housing.

Why invest in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is the 6th biggest North American city by population. Its several universities and colleges make this centre one of the main study destinations all over the United States (120.000 university students enrolled in the city itself, and almost 300.000 in its metropolitan area). Given its previous status as the American capital city, fine arts, culture and history draw nearly as much as 42 million tourists every year, and this just by counting those coming from the USA.

Why invest in North Carolina?

North Carolina is one of the original 13 States of the United States of America. It is considered one of the best States to start new companies and doing business. This is true because of the lowest taxation on corporate income of all the USA. The fiscal, legal and regulatory context, and the growing qualified working force moving there, make it the ideal State to start new endeavours.

Why invest in Chicago?

Chicago is America’s 3rd metropolis after New York City and Los Angeles. Being able to rely on the World’s second largest airport, on the second stock exchange of the United States and the third GDP of the entire country, with 316 billion Dollars, the so-called “Windy City” is ranked as one of the 10 most influential cities in the World.