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EB-5 Candlestick - San Francisco

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EB-5 Candlestick - San Francisco


A luxury apartment building similar to the famous San Francisco Shipyard, the city’s hallmark, will be disclosed. The five-year real estate development will enhance the Candlestick condominium, making it a luxury destination on the banks of San Francisco Bay.

This 113,31 hectares’ development will include a new eco-friendly condominium with access to the sea, several residential quarters with 6.225 luxury homes, wide parking and eco-trails, malls – one of which will be a luxury mall of 51.096,67 m2 – arts studios and a new centre for research and trade development.  

San Francisco: the golden city

A mix of natural beauty and economic relevance, San Francisco has no rivals as a global hub for culture, commerce and entertainment.

As everlasting leader among the most liveable and culturally vibrant cities, San Francisco is proud of being home of one of the World’s most culturally diverse and highly productive workforces.  

San Francisco Bay in a nutshell:

  • Often deemed one of US best real estate markets
  • Hosts more Fortune 500 than any other city, apart from New York City
  • Highest generation of patents in the USA
  • Home of some of the best administration, law, medicine and engineering faculties, including Stanford University and UC Berkeley
  • Highest density of venture capital in the World 

Information on this EB-5

Blue Chip Regional Centre
Golden Gate Global has more than 1.000 investors from all over the World. The company has invested more than 500 million $ in development projects across the USA

Strong government support
Candlestick benefits of the private-public partnership of San Francisco.

Strong developers team
Castle lake, LP (more than 7,4 billion $ in profits)

Workforce pool
Workforce pool of over 30%, guarantees the reliability of the related creation of jobs and the Green Card process

Project’s position
Candlestick is located in San Francisco, one of the strongest real estate markets in the World, with excellent performances for domestic sales and a reliable exit strategy for EB-5 investors  

This Global Golden Gate’s seventh EB-5 project within San Francisco Shipyard and Candlestick

Candlestick is a luxury apartment building, similar to the Shipyard, and it is based on the success of its previous EB-5 projects


Phases of this EB-5 project

Candlestick is located in south-eastern San Francisco, 10 minutes away from its financial district, 20 from San Francisco International Airport, 45 from the Silicon Valley.

Components of the project

Two or three floor buildings, with average houses of 130,06 m2, plus a garage. Selling prices are on average 1.350.000 $ per unit.

Three or four floor buildings, with average apartments of di 82,50 m2, plus a reserved parking. Average selling prices of 965.000 $ per unit.

Garage and parking
Construction of a vertical garage with 1.700 spots.


The advantages of an EB-5 project

Regional centre
Regional centre with an approval rate I-526 Petitions of 100%

Great workforce pool
Workforce pool of 31%

Located in San Francisco, one of US major real estate markets

Strong government support
Public-private partnership

High warranty of payment
The project consists of a residence with garage, within a world class real estate market


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