Real estate investments with an Assured Yield

7% Net Yield assured for 5 years

Limited amount of properties available each month


Free Net Yield up to 10,02%
Same property, same price, two formulas

After the 5th year, you will be able to choose, aided by OPISAS consultants,
if renovating this formula or switiching to the free market.

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Inquire for more information about the first investments that merges high-yield, safety and flexibility:

Limited number of properties available each month

115 mq Single-family homes already fully renovated and rented, carefully selected in quiet residential areas 10 minutes away from the financial district.

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Why invest in Detroit

Watch the videos down below and discover how today Detroit has become an excellent destination for those who are looking for high-yield real estate investments, and why invest with OPISAS.

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Why invest in the USA with OPISAS

- Real estate for sale below average market price.
- 6% to 11% yearly NET yield, plus revaluation over time.
- Invest in the world’s first economy and in USD, the global currency of refence.
- Complete protection of private property thanks to strict enforcement of ownership rights.
- Fully renovated and rente properties complete with due diligence.
- PROPERTIES ALREADY RENTED and moneymaking from day one.
- Regular payment of rentals ensured by local law.

We are the direct owners, not the intermediaries.

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DISCLAIMER: All prices on this list are subject to change without notice. Whilst we make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally on our website or other marketing material, values detailed may vary. In the event a Property is listed at an incorrect price, OPISAS shall have the right to refuse any reservations at the incorrect or outdated price. OPISAS does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. The information herein is intended to provide accurate data and facts with regard to the proposal in question. Information is also provided with the understanding that OPISAS do not provide legal activities, accounting, financial or other professional services that would otherwise be regulated by any financial professional regulatory institution. OPISAS disclaim any liability, personal risk or loss or otherwise, incurred as a result of directly or indirect use and application of any content of this document. This communication does not constitute an offer, solicitation or recommendation for the purposes of investing, purchasing or selling participations in investment vehicles or similar investment activities.
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