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We are proud to share with you some comments and reviews resulting from our collaborations. We are committed to our partners and strive to deliver the best working experiences possible.

I am Lucie Žáková, MAXIS REAL Ltd. manager and realtor, operating in Slovakia. OPISAS have been introduced to me at NARKS real estate conference in Bratislava as a company engaged in the sales of overseas investments. The opportunity to expand our portfolio impressed me, so we started to work together.

Once I have signed the contract, I got access to their real estate database with detailed informations of the apartments, houses for sale and prices they are currently leased for. Team OPISAS developed various tools to promote the sale of real estate and helped us to learn how to work with these tools, which are very simple to use. They provide us a variety of promotional materials, in Slovak language, branded with the logo of our estate agency. We now have on our website a section which displays a selection of their properties in the US and the UK, which is regularly updated directly by OPISAS, without our intervention and without any reference to their company.

The OPISAS team is very helpful and willing to accommodate any request. I was interested in seeing some apartments in Tampa, Florida. Despite the fact that the selected apartments were rented, inspections were organized at very short time. I had therefore the opportunity to visit a number of properties and even meet the tenants. Apartments looks very clean, some looks even better than the pictures and all of them are in good locations.

These properties are attractive to our customers due to the high net yield. The net annual rental income ranges from 6% to 10% of the purchase price of these properties, depending on the type and location. This gives our clients the possibility to double the amount invested in the course of 10-16 years, without any headaches, which is not bad! Tenants also is not an issue, customers have at their disposal a local real estate company, which is in charge of manage the entire renting of these properties on their behalf. In addition, our customers are purchasing properties already rented, so that they will start earning from the first moment.

For our real estate agency this cooperation is a great asset, especially because of our growing interest in real estate investments market, not to mention the high commissions paied by OPISAS.