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The Property Manager

The Property Manager

03 October, 2017

You have surely understood, through our numerous blog articles so far, how real estate investment overseas represents a concrete and viable solution for affording a safe and profitable way of investing, whilst being a key strategy in diversifying one's own portfolio.

On several occasions we have focused on informing you as to the numbers and performance of the U.S. real estate market and how these help and support the choice of investing in this country, however investment must be conducted with the correct professional partners, through a company with who can assist you during each stage of the investment process and be able to provide you with all the essential collateral services for the successful operation of the transaction.

One of these professional partners undoubtedly has to be property management company, an indispensable service for making the viability of the property concrete and secure; let's just say, in simple terms, to explain who is and what the Property Manager does: The typical Property Manager tasks include everything that concerns the property condition, lease and suitability for inhabitancy: finding tenants, collecting rentals, paying all the necessary utilities/expenditures, to make periodic reports to the owner, verify through property inspections the maintenance status and good order of the property, and the timely transfer of regular monthly owner's payments.

Understanding how important this figure is in the success and profitability of property it must be with utmost attention one should give to finding the right Property Manager, they will be the person(s) who will replace you as proprietary figure, assuring you a constant presence and professionalism specific to the reference market, the relationship that this figure will trigger between you as owners and your tenants will be crucial in best performance and expectations of both parties, respecting the rights and benefits associated with them. It is important to note that selecting a Property Manager can be a lottery and that the DIY rule cannot always assure you best result, however through OPISAS this crucial aspect of property management services has been organised for you, one of OPISAS strengths is not only sourcing and working with the most trustworthy and diligent companies, but also enabling customers of OPISAS the most favourable contractual conditions with these partners, a result of long-standing relationships which in turns allows customer to enjoy the greatest of benefits ... and also a lot of free time! 

We hope to have helped you better understand this important aspect and for any further information about Property Managers or overseas investments please contact us at:

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