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US real estate market | Invest today

US property investments | Why invest today in US real estate market

28 April, 2020


Why it is time to invest in the US real estate market.

Social distancing measures slow down internal real estate transactions and thus increase opportunities for international investors, thanks to even more interesting performances of US property investments.

As foreseen in the detailed analysis published on our blog Why US residential rentals will keep generating steady yields, according to US NAR - National Association of Realtors, a long-time OPISAS professional partner, transactions in March marked a slowdown of US real estate market.

With a pandemic going on and social distancing measures enacted, people is not visiting homes for purchasing them, but that doesn't automatically affect real estate prices. That means price does not change, properties simply are not being sold right now. And, most importantly, it has no repercussions on residential rental fees. In a country like the USA, where the majority is renting, a home - that is, a roof above one's head - is a primary good and for such reason there have not been recorded related contractions above physiological, average values. It also has to be considered that the average American tenant is receiving and will continue receive major financial aid from the Federal government.

The contingent situation of US real estate market, with the current temporary slowdown of internal demand, is allowing players like OPISAS to benefit from a larger supply. That makes possible to select US property investments with even more advantageous performances, at the same price. 

Such extraordinary contingent situation and the characteristics of US property investments make investing today in the US real estate market an especially interesting diversification option.

It is the time.


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