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Vacation Homes


Merge the best of the two worlds, and pick one of the exclusive Vacation Homes that generate an income for you.

Among the real estate investments currently available on the market, Vacation Homes are extremely popular, given the remarkable advantages they offer. With a Vacation Home you can choose to use your holiday home whenever you want, and rent it while you are away.

By doing so, you can enjoy the holiday home of your dreams and, in the meanwhile, benefit from an interesting revenue, making it a double deal.

The Vacation Homes you can find on our website are located in exclusive complexes in hip locations. Each one of them offers you high standards of comfort and services.  

OPISAS selects for you only the best projectsand allows you to choose the option that best fits your needs, between those already in inventory and the ones still under construction, letting you get ahead of everyone and hog your ideal holiday home.


Why choose a Vacation Home with OPISAS?

This category of real estate investments is characterized by the fact that the investor is also the tenant for periods of time previously chosen by him or her. That means that you have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy a luxury location and the services provided by the structure for periods of time that you can define, and that can vary from a few weeks to several months per year, renting the property in the remaining time while you benefit from a revenue.

Plus, besides the extremely high level of structures and services, the locations we choose for your Vacation Homes are world class sought-after destinations. Indeed, they belong to diverse genres, capable of satisfying every need, from Champions Gate, just outside Orlando, the promised land for those who love golf, to the Aston Martin Tower, the skyscraper on Miami Beach for those eager to dive into the most glamorous lifestyle.