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Property Details:
636 ft2 / 59.09 m2

Special 1bed 1 bath in the "Big Apple"

"The greatest city in the world": it is with these few words that you can perfectly make the idea of what represents New York City. Famed for being the most economically powerful city and the leading financial centre of the world and the city that never sleeps. From the busting East Village to Midtown Manhattan, to the relative tranquillity of areas such as Greenwich Village and Little Italy, where you can find an atmosphere more like a small city, New York has to offer everything a person could want according to your personal taste.

This well apportioned 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment is an ideal investment or second residence.

# 1 2 3 4 5
NY= Annual Net Yield 0-2,5% 2,6-5% 5,1-7,5% 7,6-10% 10,1-12,5%
CG= Most Capital Gain expected Long term Mid/Long Mid Mid/Short Short term
SFP= Sq. ft Price: OPISAS vs Market Poorly competitive Mid/poorly Mid competitive Mid/high Highly competitive
CC= Purchase/Management costs Convenience Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High
IA= International Appeal Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High


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