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Already an agent - Discover all the advantages

If you already subscribed our collaboration agreement, OPISAS offers you - for free - an array of tools and services that will enable you to remain always up to date and to best propose our real estate investments.

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Your professional contribution is very important to us. Here below are the tools developed by OPISAS, in order to be always at your side:



OPISAS Buddy - Exploit all of its features

OPISAS CRM enables you to:

  • View your leads – potential clients
  • Keep under constant check your negotiations
  • Check your clients’ purchase process
  • Consult the updated real estate inventory in real time

and also offers you the following features:




  • Create Brochure – in order to automatically create and download customized brochures with your logo and contacts.
  • Edit Details – by clicking on your name on the top right corner of the screen, you can verify that your logo and contacts – which will appear on your customized brochure – are correct.

If you wish to edit or update them just click on “Edit Details”, on the top right.

In particular, if you haven’t already, we recommend that you upload your logo and contacts, as they will appear on your customized brochure in the empty field to the bottom: This is what you will see on the brochure. You will have 4 lines of text at your disposal.

Remember, if the “Logo” and “This is what you will see on the brochure” fields will remain clear, your brochures will be without logo and contacts.

  • Download – by clicking on the button with the same name in the top center of the screen, you will be automatically redirected to a Dropbox folder, in which you will find all the information material about OPISAS proposals, supporting your presentations and negotiations.

The material is constantly updated. For that reason, we invite you to periodically visit this section and always download the latest version of a given document, deleting the obsolete one. That is particularly important before meeting with a potential client.

It will suffice you to click on your chosen language in order to find:

  • Company Profile, Brochures and Presentations about OPISAS;
  • City Guides – Guides for further information on the specific US locations in which OPISAS operates;
  • Projects – The descriptions and all the information material about Vacation Home, Lifestyle and Luxury projects proposed by OPISAS;
  • Forms – property reservation modules and more;
  • Other guides – for further information about purchase process, timetables, glossary of specific related terminologies;
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.
  • GO TO OPISAS – by clicking on this button on the top left, you will be automatically redirected to OPISAS website. The system will automatically retain you accesses, and you will not need any more to log in by typing your credentials again and again. This way, you will be able to download the brochures of each specific property in PDF customized with your logo and contacts.



OPISAS Website - Always stay up to date

Our website is a window on OPISAS’ world updated on a daily basis.

Take a look at:

  • Property/Investments – the section dedicated to OPISAS inventory, constantly updated and divided in:
    • Invest (property aimed at generating rental yield);
    • Vacation Homes (property that offer both yield and use);
    • Luxury (prestigious residences in the US most sought-after locations);
    • Projects (top-quality real estate projects promoted by OPISAS).
  • Property Brochure– once entered by following these simple steps:
  1. Click on “Login” on the top right
  2. Access OPISAS Buddy with your credentials
  3. In the “Go to website?” screen, which will appear right after, click on “Yes, let’s go!”

By selecting on the properties within the inventory in the PROPERTIES/INVESTMENTS page, you will be able to download a PDF brochure of each single property, complete with your logo and contacts.  

  • Video tutorial – about market, single projects and tools useful for assisting you in your daily work.
  • Blog –  a periodic overview on international real estate market and its most relevant dynamics.
  • News – stay up to date on OPISAS events and world.



And much more - Discover the services dedicated to you

Customized inventory, staff at your service, social networks:

  • iFrame – enables you to automatically upload our inventory directly on your website, without reference to OPISAS.
  • Social Networks – follow OPISAS on the main Social Networks.
  • Inquire OPISAS Staff – we are always at your disposal for supporting you in the organization of events and during negotiations.