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Property Details:
Net Yield
1 year property management free
885 ft2 / 82.22 m2
$875.00 p/m
Property Taxes
$86.00 p/m
$140.00 p/m
$65.00 p/m
Gross Rental
10.71 % p/a
Net Rental
$7,008.00 p/a
Net Yield
7.15 % p/a
  • community room
  • condo parking
  • fitness
  • garden
  • pool
  • recreational area
  • air conditioning
  • ceiling fan
  • dishwasher
  • fridge
  • heating
  • washer
  • balcony
  • cooker
  • dryer
  • garden view
  • smoke detector

Real estate investment in Ocala | Invest in the United States

Real estate investment in Ocala

Choose to invest in Florida

This 82.2 m2 (885 sq. ft.) apartment located in a residence in Ocala has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is already furnished with: air conditioning, smoke detectors, oven, kitchen stove, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and fridge. The residence, on the other hand, offers a wide range of services to its tenants: a large private garden, a large communal parking lot, a relaxing community room and a fully equipped fitness center with a swimming pool.

The property produces a net annual income of $ 7,008, generating an 7.15% rate of return on the investment value of $ 98,000, plus the first year of property management is free.

Why choose a real estate investment in Ocala?

In recent decades, the Ocala area has had one of the highest growth rates in the country for a city of its size. The population of Marion County has more than 250,000, compared to less than 100,000 in 1975.

Housing growth in the city of Ocala, like most of central and southern Florida, is driven by the influx of new families and retirees, who generally relocate from colder northern climates, as well as the area's growing job opportunities.

High-tech industries based in the city are of national significance, including aviation and technology company Lockheed Martin building missile control systems at its Ocala facility and Intellon which is expanding its line of integrated circuits. Ocala is also the home of Emergency One, a worldwide manufacturer of fire rescue vehicles.

There are many educational opportunities in Ocala, in fact it is home to the College of Central Florida which offers its students high quality bachelor's degrees in business and organizational management. It also has one of the 21 campuses of Rasmussen College, a post-secondary institution nationally accredited by the Commission for Higher Learning.

Invest in Ocala with us.

We offer investors the opportunity to purchase high and solid profitable properties. These are homes already rented in markets, such as Florida, which are experiencing constant growth. We offer comp lete assistance for the investment: from accounting, tax and legal services to the opening and renewal of companies, from domiciliation to the Registered Agent, from opening current accounts to sending documents, from property management services to plan metric survey , virtual tour and aerial footage, from the supervision of the works to the inspection of the properties, from the payment of condominium charges to the payment of the Property Tax, from the search for the tenant to the collection of rents, from advisory services to due diligence and compliance, without forgetting the real estate Net Asset Value analysis.

# 1 2 3 4 5
NY= Annual Net Yield 0-2,5% 2,6-5% 5,1-7,5% 7,6-10% 10,1-12,5%
CG= Most Capital Gain expected Long term Mid/Long Mid Mid/Short Short term
SFP= Sq. ft Price: OPISAS vs Market Poorly competitive Mid/poorly Mid competitive Mid/high Highly competitive
CC= Purchase/Management costs Convenience Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High
IA= International Appeal Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High


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