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Property Details:
Net Yield
1 year property management free
639 ft2 / 59.37 m2
$570.00 p/m
Property Taxes
$71.00 p/m
$100.00 p/m
Gross Rental
10.36 % p/a
Net Rental
$4,788.00 p/a
Net Yield
7.25 % p/a
  • condo parking
  • garden
  • nearby school
  • recreational area
  • air conditioning
  • fridge
  • heating
  • smoke detector
  • cooker
  • garden view
  • oven

Invest in North Carolina | Invest in Fayetteville today

Real estate investment in Fayetteville

Invest in the USA with a Net yield of 7,25%.

This property in Fayetteville is size of 639 square feet (corresponding to 59,36 square meters). The property consists of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, and is equipped with all the amenities listed above.

Tenants pay $ 570,00 per month for the rent of this property in Fayetteville, generating for the owner a net income of 7,25% per year on the $ 66.000,00 value of the investment. Added to this is the first year of free Property Management.

Why invest in a property in Fayetteville?

The Fayetteville area is very interesting if you want to make medium to long term investments. The city is actually located near Fort Bragg, the largest military installation in the world in terms of personnel employed, a factor that feeds a constant demand for housing and makes the payment of rents stable and continuous, also by virtue of the economic bonuses that the Government grants to the military for this purpose. Recently, 85% of the area occupied by Fort Bragg (in its total of 650 km²) was annexed within the municipal boundaries of Fayetteville, thus also attracting the interest of several companies, now interested in investing in development of the area.

If you intend to buy a property in the USA for medium-long term investment purposes, this property in Fayetteville represents a valid option, in particular for the interesting annual income plus the competitive and convenient price at which we offer it, compared to the average price of the US market.

Invest with us in a property in the United States

Since 2008 we have been offering investors the opportunity to purchase high and solid profitability properties. These are homes of affordable value, already renovated and rented to American tenants selected on the basis of their financial strength, of which the investor becomes the one and only owner. In this way, these properties are able to produce a rental income from the first day as well as being placed in markets that register interesting opportunities for capital gains over time. We also offer complete assistance for the entire length of the investment. From the choice of the location where to invest based on the needs in terms of investment duration, to the creation of the company with which to make the investment. From the support throughout the purchase procedure in total simplicity and transparency, to the complete management of the property, up to the eventual resale.


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