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Property Details:
Single Family
Net Yield
1 year property management free
968 ft2 / 89.93 m2
$775.00 p/m
Property Taxes
$87.75 p/m
$69.00 p/m
Gross Rental
11.92 % p/a
Net Rental
$7,419.00 p/a
Net Yield
9.51 % p/a
  • air conditioning
  • fridge
  • heating
  • private garden
  • cooker
  • garden view
  • oven
  • private parking

Invest in Detroit | Real estate investment in the USA


One of the highest yielding and safest real estate investment in the USA.

Invest in Detroit in one of our accurately selected real estate investments in the USA, located in areas just 10 minutes away from the financial district of Downtown, already both renovated and rented and thus moneymaking from day one. These are properties and neighborhoods that have also experienced a change in the type of tenant, since they have largely benefitted from development programs and from being mostly already requalified.

This delightful 89.9 square meters (968 square feet) single-family home located in Detroit has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, boasts a kitchen already furnished with stove cooker and fridge, and has the additional benefit of the 1st year of property management coming for free. It is sold at the price of 78,000 $ and thanks to its 775 $ rentals produces a yearly net income of 7,419 $ or 9.51%.


Detroit is the main city in the state of Michigan, with 720.000 inhabitants and almost 4,3 million residents in its metro area, of whom 2,1 make up the workforce.

It is the 2nd economy in the Midwest, right after Chicago, the 14th in the USA, and its GDP grows on average by +1,5% per year, exceeding 260 billion $ in 2018.

Everybody knows of the turbulent decades the city has endured, starting with the meltdown of American auto industry which had previously fueled its growth, to the point of making it earn the nickname “Motown”. Such phase, dotted with corruption and poor management, peaked in 2013, when the city defaulted, an exceptional event in American history.

Until a few years ago, a real estate investment in Detroit, despite the fact that could come with a nominally appealing yield rate, did not meet our requirements in ensuring a real investment support plan, nor our standards for real estate revaluation over time and safety concerning the profile of tenants.

Nonetheless, since we were well aware of this market’s great potential, we kept monitoring its trends, carefully assessing the situation and waiting for safe and profitable opportunities.

Detroit, in fact, is no city like others. In 2014 it came out from bankruptcy, and the city administration started a huge requalification program – financed both by the Government and private players – implemented with draconian efficiency and rigor.

The city aimed at diversifying its economy by luring in major companies, mainly in the financial and services fields. It is home, for instance, to Deloitte, Quicken Loans and DTE Energy, and overall it hosts over 30 Fortune500, like General Motors, Ford Motor, Kellogg co. and Whirlpool.

The steady economic recovery seen in the last years went hand in hand with the requalification of the city architecture and of its real estate market: nowadays Detroit is the 1st US city by LED street lighting, and saw an exponential growth of its parks and public greenhouses, to the benefit of its citizens. Local administration wanted the city not only safer and more modern, but also beautiful and livable.

Overall, the city is changing and evolving, reasserting itself to its traditional role of economic hub and powerhouse of the Midwest, and this wave of renovation and development brought us to offer high-yield real estate investments there, selected in the areas with the best growth rates and perspectives. We did so by taking into account all the elements that make profitable a real estate investment: location, zone development, profile of its residents, increase of demand, yield and expected capital gain.

If you are looking for a medium-long term high-yield real estate investment in the USA, investing in the properties we offer in Detroit is a strategic choice, not only thanks to their high yield and competitive price, but also to our careful selection of the areas in which “Detroit Renaissance” is already a reality.


We offer to our investors the chance to buy properties with a high and safe yield. Most of these homes are already rented, and are located in markets which are registering a constant growth. We offer a complete assistance on the investment: from accountability, fiscal and legal services needed for opening and renovating a company, from the domiciliation to the Registered Agent, from opening bank accounts to sending documents, from Property Management to planimetric survey, virtual tour and aerial footage, from supervising the renovation works to site inspection, from paying condominium fees to paying Property Tax, from looking for a tenant to collecting rents, from advisory services to due diligence and compliance, without forgetting the Net Asset Value property analysis.


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