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Baltimore - Net Yield 10.68%

Property Details:
Net Yield
Hot Property
1 year property management free
1314 ft2 / 122.07 m2
  • air conditioning
  • cooker
  • dryer
  • heating
  • oven
  • walk in closet
  • ceiling fan
  • dishwasher
  • fridge
  • microwave
  • smoke detector
  • washer

Baltimore - Net Yield 10.68%

Invest in the USA with us

Choosing a property investment in Baltimore.

This hot-property is a 152,36 m2 (1640 ft2) townhouse located in Edmondson, a vibrant neighbourhood located in Southwest Baltimore, and has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Thanks to the renovation works we have undertaken, the value of this property have been increased, and generates a high net yield, with a rate of 10,68% on the investment of 121.500 $, and on top of that the first year of Property Management comes for free.

The tenants of this townhouse pay rents that generate a yearly net income of 12.986 $, and it is worth noting that many of the selected tenants adhere to the governmental program Section 8. This program provides subsides for paying rents out of public buildings, giving the tenants another source of income that ensure regular payments.


Why invest in the United States with us?

RealtyTrac, one of the main online platform for the US property market, has revealed that Baltimore is the 1st American market in terms of real estate yield rates, while Forbes has positioned the city at the 4th spot within the emerging centres of new technologies development.

Furthermore, it is the 30th US city in terms of population, the 2nd largest port in the Mid-Atlantic, thanks to its rich history and amenities it draws around 24 million tourists per year, it hosts many prestigious colleges and universities such as the Johns Hopkins University, and thanks to the booming tech sector it is attracting more and more qualified workers.

If you want to make a medium/long term investment in the USA in order to benefit from a high revenue, this property in Baltimore it is one of the most strategic choices, thanks to a very high yield and to the competitive price we are proposing, compared to the local market average value.

Investing with us.

We offer to our investors the chance to buy properties with a high and safe yield. These are homes already rented in markets, such as Florida’s, which are registering a constant growth. We offer a complete assistance on the investment: from accountability, fiscal and legal services needed for opening and renovating a company, from the domiciliation to the Registered Agent, from opening bank accounts to sending documents, from Property Management to planimetric survey, virtual tour and aerial footage, from supervising the renovation works to site inspection, from paying condominium fees to paying Property Tax, from looking for a tenant to collecting rents, from advisory services to due diligence and compliance, without forgetting the Net Asset Value property analysis.

# 1 2 3 4 5
NY= Annual Net Yield 0-2,5% 2,6-5% 5,1-7,5% 7,6-10% 10,1-12,5%
CG= Most Capital Gain expected Long term Mid/Long Mid Mid/Short Short term
SFP= Sq. ft Price: OPISAS vs Market Poorly competitive Mid/poorly Mid competitive Mid/high Highly competitive
CC= Purchase/Management costs Convenience Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High
IA= International Appeal Low Mid low Mid Mid/high High


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